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Plug & Play real-time retail analytics

Data driven decision-making.

iCAPE is a leading analytics solution provider using multiple existing on-site data feeds to understand, predict and impact customer and staff activity and enable daily operations and strategy alignment. iCAPE increases your profit by providing cutting edge analytic solutions and real-time alerts to measure, understand, predict, monitor and impact customer and staff behaviour in brick and mortar environments.

Why use iCAPE?

As a retailer, you need information that you can really do something with. Tangible, real-time analytics that provides valuable answers and solutions. You need practical tools which enable on-site staff to reinforce real opportunities in real-time. That’s how you turn numbers into money, and that’s exactly what iCAPE does...

Retailers, are looking to “copy-paste” the success achieved by e-commerce platforms due to in-depth shopper analysis, mimicking similar successfull opportunities in the physical space. iCAPE analyses and interprets shopper behaviour in your physical space and tells you how to maximize your opportunities. With this actionable data you can manage your store like an ecommerce site, converting data into insights, and those insights into sales.

  • Make more money

    iCAPE’s analytics helps you find easily where you lose potential for additional sales.
    In addition, field staff receives various alerts which indicates on real-time lost potential, thus allowing your teams to recognize and reinforce lost opportunities.

  • Happier Customers

    Your customers would not know you use iCAPE…
    However, using iCAPE would enable you to provide better service and gain happier customers. Be it shorter waiting times or better availability, iCAPEs’ alerts could help you to measure and improve service KPIs.

  • Increase efficiency

    Peter Drucker once said: “If you can measure it you can improve it”.
    iCAPE enables retailers to measure things which haven’t been measured before. Be it the impact of your campaigns on in-store navigation or measuring (& challenging) your teams with new KPIs. Adding iCAPE’s powerful measuring capabilities enables you to measure many more aspects of your business and improve efficiencies of multiple aspects of your business.

  • Reduce costs

    Be it the optimization of your working hours, or your trade spend resources, be it the optimization of space. iCAPE enables retailers revile various opportunities to generate further savings.

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How you achieve that?

iCAPE utilizes various customer aware technologies to collect anonymous data on shopper activity in the physical space and combines it with multiple data sources. iCAPE seamlessly integrates their cutting-edge analytics solution into your existing systems in order to track every potential customer that comes through or passes by your doors, not just the ones that made purchases. iCAPE analyses those customers and provides unique insights about their patterns, habits and behaviors, revealing vital information needed for tailoring your daily operations and customer’s needs.

  • Recognize and capitalize on multiple lost opportunities
  • Maximize sales opportunities during high volume times
  • Improve queue operations for maximum efficiency and customer service
  • Ensure superb service; plan and deploy the ideal number of staff according to visitors habits
  • Align your store operating hours based on visitor activity rather than visitor entries. Maximizing service opportunities and efficiencies
  • Evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns and use marketing spend for maximum impact
  • Evaluate the impact of your VM/TM teams
  • Improve results by incentivizing your teams correctly