Syenap is our strong partner for data driven decision-making.

Syenap is a leading analytics solution provider using on-site video and data feeds to understand, predict and impact customer activity and enable strategy alignment. Syenap increases your profit by providing cutting edge analytic solutions to measure, understand, predict and monitor customer behaviour in brick and mortar environments.


Your retail space has a wealth of information and opportunity just waiting to be accessed. Use Syenap Retail Analytics to get the most out of your store.


Customer activity in your airport is vital information to have. Improve customer experience based on data and ultimately raise the standards of your services on your airport.


By understanding how customers navigate the space, smarter decisions can be implemented with quantifiable results.


Use external cameras to monitor and count passing traffic as well as traffic entering the petrol station.

Why use Syenap?

As a retailer, you need information that you can really do something with. Tangible, real-time analytics that will provide definite answers and solutions. You need tools and opportunities and predictions and hard facts. That’s how you turn numbers into money, and that’s exactly what Syenap does...

Retailers, banks, malls and casinos are looking to tap into the success achieved by online customer analysis, mimicking this success in the physical space. Syenap analyses and interprets customer behavior in your physical space and tells you how to maximize your opportunities. With this actionable data you can manage your store like an ecommerce site, converting data into insights, and those insights into sales.

  • Make more money

  • Happier Customers

  • Increase efficiency

  • Reduce costs

How you achieve that?

Syenap uses customer aware technology to collect data on customer activity in the physical space and combines it with existing data sources. Syenap seamlessly integrates their cutting-edge analytics solution into your existing CCTV network in order to track every potential customer that comes through your doors, not just the ones that made purchases. Syenap analyses those customers and provides unique insights about their patterns, habits and behaviors, revealing vital information needed for tailoring and predicting your customer’s needs.

  • Capitalize on visitors who don’t buy

  • Maximize sales opportunities during high volume times

  • Improve queue operations for maximum efficiency and customer service

  • Ensure superb service; plan and deploy the ideal number of staff according to visitors habits

  • Align your store operating hours based on visitor activity. Maximizing service center opportunities and efficiencies

  • Evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns and use marketing spend for maximum impact